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- Quest fixed - 22. Which state does not belong to Jian Ning? Qing Zhou . UPDATED !!
- Beginner Question. NEW!!!
- fixed some typo . UPDATED!!

Latest News / Update :

02/13/2010 - Beginner Question.
01/23/2010 - stat & faq .
01/21/2010 - Forum Discussion .
01/19/2010 - Main Task Quest List & Item List.
01/18/2010 - Pocket List
01/13/2010 - Unit List
01/07/2010 - Building List
01/06/2010 - Welcome to Three Kingdoms Online Info :)

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  • Will put more info soon. stay tuned

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  • Have an account with wikidot with good reputation(i need people that familiar with wikidot tools)
  • familiar with the game concept. have a good experience with the game.
  • i want people who have patient (people that try the info first to see whether the info correct or not before writing it.
  • who interested. please contact me via contact in the site, or open a thread in this site forum. lets build a good source info for the game. thx
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