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81. Which of the following description of wall is incorrect:

  • When your city wall is upgraded, you can setup more blindages on your city wall.

82. Which hero's attribute will affect the attack and defense of your army?

  • Leadership

83. What does "Universal X" (X is a number) stand for in game?

  • All your resource fields have reached to the same level.

84. Which of the following constructions can be shared by your different cities?

  • Theatre

85. Which of the following description of mobilization order is incorrect?

  • Only the leader of a league can use the mobilization order

86. In which condition will you fail to establish a sub city?

  • When your pioneer is in the bunker.

87. Which of the following items you can't get by attacking camp of bandits?

  • Tax Permission

88. Which activity is called "plunder" in the game?

  • A strategy based on looting the resources in other player's city.

89. Which of the following description of Builder's Guild is Incorrect?

  • Builder's Guild can't increase the construction speed of a building.

90. Players usually describe a kind of Battle as "Fireworks", what is that?

  • A nip and tuck battle. Both sides will not retreat until they fight to death. The fighting is so tough and beautiful, just like fireworks.

91. How to recognize the cities of your own?

  • Your city is shown in orange.

92. What will happen when your grain is negative?

  • Your soldiers in the city will starve.

93. Which of the following description of game time is correct:

  • Game time will provide players a coordinated universal time for the player in game.

94. Your word will be seen by all players if you speak in which channel?

  • World.

95. Which item is not sold in the mall

  • Skill Book

96. Which of the following description of resources is incorrect:

  • Warehouse is used for store all resources.

97. Which of the following description of the game rule is correct?

  • All the descriptions are false.

98. Which of the following is not an equipment for heroes?

  • Tribute Token.

99. What is called "Entrust" in game?

  • A function in game that allow you to entrust a player or help the other player to administrator the account.

100. What is called "Double Strike" in game?

  • Command the Demolishers to attack 2 targets at the same time in the Command Center.

101. Which of the following description of bunker is incorrect:

  • You can put your Demolisher in the bunker.

102. Which of the following description of Career Center is correct:

  • On each day, two new heroes will appear in your Career Center.

103. What is called "Instant Building" in game?

  • Use "Instant Completion" function to build a construction in an incredible speed.**

104. Which of the following description of Armorsmith is incorrect:

  • When you upgrade the defense of your army, your armies that is not in the city will not be affected.

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