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Getting Started

Do I need to download a client end?

  • "Three Kingdoms Online" is a web game that you can play in your browser. No download and no install is needed.
  • The game has very basic demand for your computer's hardware.

I am a new player, what should I do?

  • The first thing you should do is to upgrade your resource fields to obtain more resources, and build various buildings to strengthen your military.
  • When you possess enough strength, you can explore the surronding area or fight with other players.

Do I need to spend a lot of time and money on this game?

  • No. You only need to give orders regularly. The system will execute your orders automatically without you having to be online.
  • Just make sure that you manage your building queue and military deployments wisely. Also, the game is totally free.
  • You can play and experience all the fun the game offers without paying anything.

Will my resource fields produce when I am offline?

  • Yes. It is one of the game's features. Even when you are offline, your resource fields will still produce.
  • And your building or military orders will execute automatically.

What is gold? Can I still enjoy the game without gold?

  • Gold actually is a form of premium service the game offers. You can unlock some premium functions and enjoy a faster game speed using gold.
  • Whether you use gold or not, however, the game's rules are equal for all players.
  • The resource production speed, buildings’ functions and hero's basic abilities will not change for unpaid users; neither will the fun the game offers.

How often does the ranking list update?

  • Once per day.

How can I set up an entrust account?

  • Find Account, go to the Game Config tab, and then Entrust Config.
  • Each account can have two entrusting accounts and for the maximum period of 2 weeks.

The game time is in historic time. What's so special about that?

  • There are new features regarding the historic events triggered by the historic time system under development. Stay tuned in!

How do I host a festivity celebration in the Theatre?

  • You can store resources or resource packs in the Theatre. When the stored resources reach certain limit, the theatre can hold celebrations.

Can I attack my own city or oasis?

  • Yes.

What's the use of Theatre's Commercial Value?

  • By increasing your commercial value, you will be allowed to build multiple cities.

Expanding Your Cities

How can I increase my population limit?

  • You can upgrade your farmlands in the resource interface to increase the population limit.

How can I build a Barrack?

  • You need to build a Command Center first before building a Barrack.
  • For details on the construction order and requirements, refer to the building tree in the Governor's Office.

What's the difference between residence and population?

  • Residence is the population of the buildings in the city. Population includes people in military and resource fields.

Why does food prodocution decrease?

  • Food productivity output is food produced by resource fields minus the food consumed by the population and military actions.
  • So if your population grow, or if you deploy military troops, your food consumption rate will increase.

What's Commercial Value?

  • Commercial value is one of the prerequisite of expanding sub city outside of your main city.
  • For example, 2000 commercial value is required for the construction of the first sub-city.

How many poineers do I need to build the sub-city?

  • Three.

How many sub-cities can I own at most?

  • It depends on the level of Mansion in the main city. A sub-city can be added when the Mansion level reaches level 10, 15 and 20,
  • and a sub-city Annexe can be added as well when the Mansion level reaches 10 and 20.
  • The commercial value requirements should also be met. One account can own at most 25 sub-cities.

What's the difference between main city and sub-cities?

  • The resource fields of the main city can be upgraded to Level 20, and the main city can not be conquered.

Is there any limit for building the Warehouse ?

  • You can not construct a second warehouse until your first warehouse reaches Level 20.

At most, how many oases can each city occupy?

  • Three, and the occupied oases should be within the 3X3 area surronding the city.

How can I conquer an oasis that has been already occupied by other players?

  • You may conquer an occupied oasis by deploying an army with a hero, choose destroy mode, lowering the oasis' loyalty to 0,
  • eliminating all defending army of the oasis and if your city still have room for oasis, and the oasis is in the 3×3 tiles surronding the city.

Can I abandon an oasis that I occupied?

  • Yes.

What’s the highest level of each building?

  • Level 20 for common buildings, Level 5 for special buildings such as Governor's House,
  • Level 20 for resource fields of the main city, and Level 10 for resource fields of the sub-city, please refer to the guide for further details.

Hero and Military

For the archers stationed in the Tower, what determines their defensive ability?

  • For archers that are fortifying the tower, their defense vs infantry = defense vs calvary = offense ability.
  • By fortifying them in tower, you increase the archer's defensive ability significantly.

Can you enhance Scout's scouting ability by upgrading their attack in the Weaponsmith?

  • Yes.

How can I recruit more heroes?

  • You may recruit heroes in the Career Center. The system will automatically refresh every day and generate two new Generals.
  • When the level of Career Center reaches 1, 10 and 20 or a new Career Center has been built in a sub-city, one additional hero will be generated every day.

How often will be the hero list refresh?

  • Every day at least two generals will show up in the new list.

What happens to the items equipped on a hero when he flees in battle?

  • They will disappear.

What happens when your hero flee in battle?

  • You can recall him in the Career Center, which will consume your resource and time.

What can you do after you exile a hero?

  • If you exile a hero, it means you have abandoned him, and he will never return. You need recruit another General.

Can I change the name of a hero?

  • You may click on the hero's name in the Hero page to change his name. However, you cannot change the name of epic heroes.

What if the hero runs out of stamina?

  • You can let the hero rest in the city, and his stamina will recover slowly. The use of gold can make this process happen much faster.

How much stamina will the hero recover per hour?

  • 5% when the server is on normal speed.

How can I remove his title after a hero has been appointed to be a Governor?

  • You need to build a Governor's House before appointing or removing a hero as a Governor.

Who can be considered a powerful hero?

  • Depending on your experience level in the game, a beginner can recruit powerful heroes with attributes sum to 100.

Is there any actual heroes from the famous novel - "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the game?

  • Yes, they are epic heroes. They have fixed attributes and special skills. You may find them in famous historic cities or the Career Center.

Can I transfer heroes to another player?

  • No. But this feature will be added in the future updates.

Why are my soldiers disappearing?

  • Heroes and armies both consume food, when the city's food production rate cannot meet its consumption rate, the population will decline.
  • Check the ingame guide for more details.

Can I cancel an army recruitment?

  • No.

League and Diplomacy

How can I establish a League?

  • You may establish or join a League in the League interface.

What's the limit of members for one league?

  • 80 initially, can be increased to 150.

How can I improve the limit of members in a league?

  • You may increase the limit by donating League Tiger Tokens. Tiger Token is obtained automatically the first time you purchase gold.
  • From there on, you receive a Tiger Token for every 500 gold you purchase.

Can the League leader abdicate from his position?

  • Yes. You may find this function in the League Affair tab. Leader may pass his title on to someone else at his will.

How many deputy League leaders are there?

  • Two, same as other office positions.

Can I change the name of League?

  • No.

Items and Equipments

What are the small icons on the bottom right corner of the Resource and City interfaces?

  • These are status icons. They will appear in color when you use special items to activate special status,
  • and will fade to grey when the special status expires..

What happens when I donate Tribute Orders?

  • You may find Court Contribution Value in the Court Quest tab. As your Contribution Value increase, so will your noblitity title.

How do I use the Scrollpurse?

  • Click Scrollpurse on the bottom of the Resource or City interface, or goto Treasury on the upper right corner of "Mall", and then select "use".

Does the repeated use of Token of Rain, Grindstone, and other similiar items generate stacking effects?

  • The items with the same effect can stagger in time, but not stacking in effect.
  • The items with similiar effects can be used at the same time,
  • but the item with higher effect will override the lower effect item, and their effects will not stagger in time or stack in effect.
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