Practice Drills

This is all quests under Practice Drills tab.

Quest Name Quest Requirements Quest Rewards
Crushing Through Research Battering Ram small-wood.gif1500small-stone.gif1500small-metal.gif1500small-food.gif1500
Crushing Through Research Level 1 Attack of Battering Ram small-wood.gif500small-stone.gif500small-metal.gif500small-food.gif500
Sharpen Blades Research Level 15 Attack of Militia small-wood.gif1300small-stone.gif1300small-metal.gif1300small-food.gif1300
Shield and Spear Research Level 15 Defense of Pikeman small-wood.gif1000small-stone.gif1000small-metal.gif1000small-food.gif1000
Fury of Thunder Research Demolisher small-wood.gif2000small-stone.gif2000small-metal.gif2000small-food.gif2000
Fury of Thunder Research Level 1 Attack of Demolisher small-wood.gif600small-stone.gif600small-metal.gif600small-food.gif600
Iron Cavalry Research Imperial Guard small-wood.gif1200small-stone.gif1200small-metal.gif1200small-food.gif1200

Note :
This is only some quests that i can add for now since this is taken from my current quests.
Please help me by give more info regarding this quests in Contact so that i can update more.

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