This is list of all quests under Prosperity.

Quest Name Quest Requirements Quest Rewards
Constructions Build a Level 20 Builder's Guild small-wood.gif500 small-stone.gif500 small-metal.gif500 small-food.gif500
Trade Center Build a Level 20 Market small-wood.gif500 small-stone.gif500 small-metal.gif500 small-food.gif500
Be Efficient Build a Level 10 Quarry Build a Level 10 Logging Camp Build a Level 10 Iron Field Build a Level 10 Mill small-wood.gif400 small-stone.gif400 small-metal.gif400 small-food.gif400
Damage Control Build a Level 5 Hidden Warehouse small-wood.gif100 small-stone.gif125 small-metal.gif75 small-food.gif25
Damage Control Build a Level 10 Hidden Warehouse small-wood.gif175 small-stone.gif175 small-metal.gif175 small-food.gif175
Talent Search Build a Level 20 Career Center small-wood.gif500 small-stone.gif500 small-metal.gif500 small-food.gif500
Education Build a Level 15 Library small-wood.gif500 small-stone.gif500 small-metal.gif500 small-food.gif500
Prosperous World Build a Level 5 Theatre small-wood.gif250 small-stone.gif250 small-metal.gif250 small-food.gif250

Note :
This is only some quests that i can add for now since this is taken from my current quests.
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