Features of Shu’s Troops

Although the equipment and battle ability is limited, Shu’s troop performs well in plunder. They can detect the resources in the Secret Stores.
The Mechanized Transporting, invented by Zhuge Liang, provides extra speed and carryload for the caravans of Shu.
Primary troop of Shu have the best cost performance in the game. It is easy for Shu to form a great scale of military force in very short time.
But when under attack, the untrained Militias will fall into mess very easily.
Ranged troops in Shu equip the most advanced weapons, which can make marvelous performance in the siege battles.

Pro: Low Cost Unit, troops have more Carry Load.
Con: Low Unit stat compare with other nation.

Troops Detail :


Troop Name Cost Status Develop Requirement
Militia small-wood.gif95 small-stone.gif75 small-metal.gif40 small-food.gif40 attack.gif40 defend-1.gif20 defend-cav.gif5 bag.gif60 speed.gif7 people.gif1 None
Pikeman small-wood.gif145 small-stone.gif70 small-metal.gif85 small-food.gif40 attack.gif10 defend-1.gif35 defend-cav.gif60 bag.gif40 speed.gif7 people.gif1 Barracks Lv3; Drill Ground Lv1; Armorsmith Lv1
Glaiveman small-wood.gif130 small-stone.gif120 small-metal.gif170 small-food.gif70 attack.gif60 defend-1.gif30 defend-cav.gif30 bag.gif50 speed.gif6 people.gif1 Barracks Lv3; Drill Ground Lv5; Weaponsmith Lv1


Troop Name Cost Status Develop Requirement
Lancer small-wood.gif370 small-stone.gif270 small-metal.gif290 small-food.gif75 attack.gif55 defend-1.gif100 defend-cav.gif40 bag.gif110 speed.gif10 people.gif2 Drill Ground Lv5; Stable Lv3
Imperial guard small-wood.gif450 small-stone.gif515 small-metal.gif480 small-food.gif80 attack.gif150 defend-1.gif50 defend-cav.gif75bag.gif88 speed.gif9 people.gif3 Drill Ground Lv15; Stable Lv10


Troop Name Cost Status Develop Requirement
Scout small-wood.gif140 small-stone.gif160 small-metal.gif20 small-food.gif40 attack.gif0 defend-1.gif20 defend-cav.gif10 bag.gif0 speed.gif9 people.gif1 Drill Ground Lv1; Scout Camp Lv1
Crossbowman small-wood.gif290 small-stone.gif220 small-metal.gif240 small-food.gif60 attack.gif80 defend-1.gif10 defend-cav.gif5 bag.gif60 speed.gif7 people.gif2 Drill Ground Lv5; Scout Camp Lv5
Repeating Crossbowman small-wood.gif510 small-stone.gif380 small-metal.gif430 small-food.gif100 attack.gif120 defend-1.gif10 defend-cav.gif5 bag.gif60 speed.gif7 people.gif2 Drill Ground Lv10; Scout Camp Lv10

Siege Engine

Troop Name Cost Status Develop Requirement
Battering Ram small-wood.gif1000 small-stone.gif300 small-metal.gif350 small-food.gif70 attack.gif65 defend-1.gif30 defend-cav.gif80 bag.gif0 speed.gif4 people.gif3 Drill Ground Lv10; Ironworks Lv1
Demolisher small-wood.gif900 small-stone.gif1200 small-metal.gif600 small-food.gif60 attack.gif50 defend-1.gif60 defend-cav.gif10 bag.gif0 speed.gif3 people.gif6 Drill Ground Lv20; Ironworks Lv20


Troop Name Cost Status Develop Requirement
Lobbyist small-wood.gif35500 small-stone.gif26600 small-metal.gif25000 small-food.gif27200 attack.gif40 defend-1.gif60 defend-cav.gif40 bag.gif0 speed.gif4 people.gif4 Annexe or Mansion Lv10; Drill Ground Lv20; Command Center Lv10
Pioneer small-wood.gif7200 small-stone.gif5500 small-metal.gif5800 small-food.gif6500 attack.gif10 defend-1.gif80 defend-cav.gif80 bag.gif3000 speed.gif5 people.gif1 Annexe or Mansion Lv10

Defend Devices

Device Name Cost Status Develop Requirement
Rolling Log small-wood.gif25 small-stone.gif15 small-metal.gif30 small-food.gif0 defend-1.gif25 defend-cav.gif10 City wall Level 1
Rolling Stone small-wood.gif25 small-stone.gif15 small-metal.gif20 small-food.gif0 defend-1.gif15 defend-cav.gif15 City wall Level 3
Barricade small-wood.gif35 small-stone.gif20 small-metal.gif35 small-food.gif0 defend-1.gif10 defend-cav.gif30 City wall Level 5
Traps small-wood.gif120 small-stone.gif50 small-metal.gif150 small-food.gif0 defend-1.gif0 defend-cav.gif0 City wall Level 10
Blindage small-wood.gif200 small-stone.gif220 small-metal.gif180 small-food.gif0 defend-1.gif0 defend-cav.gif0 City wall Level 15

Note :

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