Skills Book

List of All Skills in the game.

Skills Name Description How to Get
Encourage Increase army ATK Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Infantry Leader Increase ATK & DEF of Infantry Archive, Tournament, Duel
Siege Increase damage of your Siege Engine Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Battle Soul Increase chance winning in duel Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Insight Chance to make enemy skills invalid Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Vacancy Chance to make enemy retreat without having siege battle Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Restore Recover Stamina per Hour Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Quarry Increase output of Stone Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Iron Wall Increase army DEF Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Smelt Increase output of Iron Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Lumber Increase output of Wood Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Farm Increase output of Food Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Plunder Increase capacity of your troop Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Turbo Increase speed of your range unit Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Charge Increase speed of your infantry Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Mobility Increase speed of your cavalry Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Archer Leader Increase DEF & ATK of range unit Archive ,Tournament, Duel
March Increase speed of your army Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Boost Increase speed of your siege engine Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Fire God Chance to sabotage 10% of enemy food Storage Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Comprehension gain more EXP through battle or quest Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Construction Increase durability of Building Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Fortune Increase Chance for Random Event to occur Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Feign Death Give Hero Chance to feign death and survive Battle Archive ,Tournament, Duel
Sacrifice Strengthen your hero in siege attack but cause your hero to die after battle Archive ,Tournament, Duel
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